A Handy How-To Guide For Dosing CBD Oil For Cats

Though the conversation about CBD has focused on the usage of dogs and humans but cats are just as important a member of our families – and it's time to ask a major question: can CBD aid them in living their best lives too? There are plenty of reasons to believe it is possible.

How does CBD work?

Every animal has an endocannabinoid system which plays a significant part in maintaining their health. It produces endocannabinoids. compounds similar to those that are found in cannabis. You can find the best CBD oil for cats online.

cbd oil for cats

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They travel through the bloodstream and connect with cells in the human body, delivering messages and instructions that inform it what's happening and how it should react. Every bodily function can be affected by these substances.

How does CBD oil for cats work?

Cats are endocannabinoid-inducing as well. Therefore, it's not too far to imagine that CBD could help them deal with things like stress, anxiety, or inflammation as well as the pain the way that we're seeing it aids all of us.

A study found that large doses of CBD could trigger side consequences, however, they concluded that THC contamination was likely to be the cause. The same study also revealed that CBD was taken in and excreted differently in cats than in puppies, which could be a reason to alter our doses for cats.