All About Custom Office Frame Signs

Frame signs should be placed on the front lawn. They must be weatherproof and durable. You can make these with cedar posts or treated plywood as well as garden floodlights to light it at night. You can also look for the best custom frame signs via

custom frame signs

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A backlit sign can be made with durable semi-transparent signs and an aluminum frame that lights the houses. You can place your building IDs higher if you don't have a spot on the sidewalk or a lawn. 

A "building ID" sign should be prominently placed at your office building's outer wall or overhanging sign to the side. These signs look best when they are backlit and made from durable plastic, semi-transparent material and aluminum framing. 

Lobby wall signage

These large versions of the company name, logo and tagline are made from metal. They can be mounted on the most prominent wall in your reception area. Raised mounts are spacers that connect the mounting surface to the signage for the best effect. 

Office nameplates

These signs are for doors and areas that are designated for specific departments or officers. These signs can be simpler than your official logo, but they should still reflect the same style and personality.  To mark key areas, such as "Product Development", “Sales & Marketing", Accounting", use the same fonts and colors as the lobby signage.  You can even search online for more information about custom frame signs.