All You Need To Know About Oktoberfest Cares

So how did the world's largest folk festival, which brings more than 6 million visitors to Munich every year, come about? Since 1810, Munich has been invited to celebrate in a grand royal ceremony with horse racing, music, and dance.

Wilson's first meeting took place on October 17 in the wide meadow outside the city gates. You can also check for the best best oktoberfest cares via the web.

Ein prosit

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In honor of the new queen, the meadow where the Oktoberfest is still held is called the Theresienwiese. Today the locals just call it "Wies'n".

Another public gathering was held at Theresienwiese the following year to mark the couple's birthday. Celebrations continued year after year, and in 1896 beer houses were replaced by tents, horse races were replaced by fairs, and Oktoberfest, as we know it today, took shape.

Much of this may just be impatience, a desperate thirst for Festbier, and/or the need to be first at everything, but there are a few events that took place exclusively over the first Oktoberfest weekend that made it so popular.

OPENING OF THE OCTOBER FESTIVAL, Of course, the world's largest beer festival begins with an equally epic opening ceremony. Only after the keg is tapped can beer flow freely at Oktoberfest. Everyone pushed and took the nails for the first Oktoberfest beer.