Android VoIP App And Future Of Free Voip Calls

The technologies used in mobile telephony are undergoing drastic changes over time. Network speeds are increasing like never before and network usage tariffs are hitting rock bottoms. Of late the major mobile OS manufacturers are trying hard to integrate VoIP service in their products. 

The battle for mobile VoIP dominance has shot up and in the end, the customers are going to be benefited. Skype, which is a popular VoIP app, is being eyed by smartphone OS makers. This app has been the leader in computer-based VoIP so far. 

Needless to say, the Android-specific version of Skype will make video calling on Android smartphones a reality. The number of Android users is also rising with time. A lot of upcoming tablets also run on various versions of the Android OS. However, not all Android users are going to benefit from this app in the near future. 

The mobile phone users who need to travel a lot for work or other purposes would not have to bother about international roaming charges in the future. They can use the integrated VOIP apps in their mobile OS and make free VOIP calls to others while they are in a different country.

However, the mobile VoIP app development is in a nascent stage as of now. Mobile phone users can also expect some teething troubles in the first few months. 

However, in the next one or two year's mobile VoIP service is going to witness a boom. The rising competition among manufacturers will make things better for the end-users.