Aspects of Modern Mining Technology

There are a variety of sophisticated heavy and specialized tools used in modern mining technology. Examples of highly complex surface mining equipment that are integral to the process of extracting minerals include draglines, shovels, loaders, and high wall miners.

The most complex underground machinery that is employed for deep-underground mining are the long-wall machines, roofing bolters continuous mining vehicles, shuttle cars vent fans, tunnel rails people vehicles, scoops as well as rock dusters. You can browse for technologies for underground mining.

technologies for underground mining

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Mining with long walls is among the most popular methods to extract coal from underground mining. They are basically made up of coal shearers placed on ceiling braces made of hydraulics that move independently with the help of computers. The process is semi-automated and longwall mining equipment can be huge in terms of size.

Long wall miners are usually about 240 meters long and range between 1.5 and 3 meters high. They take large blocks of coal, referred to as panels, which can measure up to 3,650 meters in length. When the wall mines travel across panels, they let the roof structures that support them fall down when they no longer need to be there.

Scoops are big, broad vehicles that are powered with diesel fuel or batteries. They are utilized to take coal and other waste to remove them from places where not required. They are usually operated by one person and are fitted with a flat and lowered profile, which allows the use of these machines in mines where ceiling space is often very low.

Continuous miners are equipment that removes coal from coal seams. They are made up of large drums with extremely durable tooth tungsten carbide. They can extract over three tons of coal per minute.