Brand Awareness Through Messenger Bots

Bots have been around for quite some time now, they are a new rage that is taking over the internet and online business. The big advantage with Messenger bots is that you can build an army without having to send out emails to everyone. According to several sources, Facebook Messenger scores about 70-80% on open rates and just 20% on click-through rates which is pretty light years ahead of email marketing where you can see many users falling for scams and getting lost in the mail. Also, like email, you will not get blocked by a spam blocker or get lost in your inbox. In fact, there is nothing more frustrating than opening an email and realizing that there are tons of unsolicited emails in a sea of useful ones.

Facebook Chatbot is a Facebook application that automates the various actions that you need to do with Messenger. It can be set up within minutes and it does most of the work for you. Using the built-in audience database, the Facebook Messenger Bot allows you to build up a huge audience almost within minutes. If you want to reach a wider audience with your promotional offers, you don't need to spend a lot of time building up your list. All you need to do is send out messages to your audience, and after a while, you will start collecting leads which you can use in your next promotions.

To explain the use case in detail, you may need to look at the way most of the big-name marketers are using the Facebook Messenger Bot. You probably saw the ads for KFC, McDonald's, and Monster using the Facebook bot, or even a lot of smaller brands that were starting to use Facebook chatbot technology to expand their business. As mentioned earlier, this application automates most of the actions that need to be done. This is why many network marketers have started using the bot to automate their promotional offers.

Facebook Messenger Bot has three different types of apps that you can choose from. The first one is the standalone app, which you can download and use on Facebook alone. The second one is the web-based app, which is basically an extension of the Facebook web chat software. Finally, the third one is the integrated web app, which means that it uses the same technology that the chatbot uses in Facebook chat. The standalone app and the web app are both compatible with the Facebook version, while the integrated one requires the installation of Facebook plugins.

Based on the use case, the Facebook Messenger Bot can be divided into two major categories, those which are designed to help groups interact, and those which are designed to give the user experiences which are mixed with artificial intelligence. In the first case, groups get to collaborate on group discussions, while the second one lets them communicate in real-time with images and videos. The third type combines the first two and takes the third one to the next level. It creates an augmented reality with the help of the bot, using the chat module of the platform to add some 3D effects. Basically, groups interacting through the Messenger Bot will be able to see each other visually, while also being able to "talk" to each other.

The use of Bots for messaging is quite helpful for those who want to reach an audience on a smaller scale. For instance, those engaged in fundraising campaigns will find that these products sell much better among small groups. By creating a page for the fundraiser on Facebook, a promoter can reach a much larger audience than he would have done otherwise. The same principle is applied in marketing, where large groups can be reached by offering information or content which is more valuable to a specific group of people.

This Facebook Bot allows you to create a "hook" into your conversations and even introduce a link back to your site or blog. This "hook" is a simple form that allows readers to move ahead in your conversation without having to leave the conversation. A great way to get started is by creating a generic "greeting message," which could be a message to the birthday guy, or a message welcoming the visitor to your site. You could even take the reader directly to your blog for a quick introduction!

The idea is to offer your consumers and visitors to your site something new and exciting, as well as something that they'll value. With the Facebook Messenger Bot, you can make that happen. Make sure that the bot is of high-quality and designed to help you get more out of Messenger than you did before. This will help you make more money and attract more potential customers. Remember to work with high-quality chatbot developers to make sure that your branding is enhanced, and that you're making the most out of Facebook's new feature, it's now possible to talk to everyone around the world, at a language level close enough to understand.