Do You Need A New HVAC Fan Coil?

There are many parts that work in your HVAC module. One that may need to be replaced over the life of your device is the convection fan. The fan coil unit is a piece of technology that first appeared in the 1970s but is still used by some of the more modern machines today. Despite nearly losing control of the industry, he came back stronger and more progressive than his previous counterparts. You can get more information about custom HVAC replacement solutions at Unilux CRFC.

Due to its attractive properties, it is used in various conditions such as apartments, offices, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Getting one might be a good solution, but you'll have to see for yourself if this is really what you're looking for.

Advantages of fan coil unit (FCU)

Some people prefer fan coil units because of their versatility, as they can perform both furnace and air conditioning functions. They are also cheaper than other options on the market and modern EC fan coil units use 70% less energy than other devices of the same type. They also require fewer grooming sessions.

FCU Type

Two pipes

The two-pipe fan convector has both flow and return. This species can only provide hot or cold temperatures and is not able to produce them simultaneously.

Four Pipes

Can cool and heat at the same time. This is useful for restaurants with areas that need to be kept at a certain temperature regardless of the season, while people are in a separate segment where they can enjoy a warm atmosphere in winter or cool atmosphere in summer. Whatever your reasons, if you like this feature then you know what to buy.