Eternity Rings Are the Jewelry Gift With the Biggest Heart

Stuck on a gift idea? Looking for a gift that says everything you feel? With its endless circle of stones, the eternity ring is the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. From the birth of a child to the first wedding anniversary, the diamond eternity ring has become a favorite among couples as a way to express their devotion.

That is why it is also becoming a favorite as a wedding ring. From 4000 a. C., civilizations such as ancient Egyptians have created a wide variety of styles of eternity rings, from designs in which a snake swallows its own tail to those that use intertwined metal threads to indicate two inextricably intertwined lives. All the diamonds are concentrated in the front of the ring. While gemstone eternity rings make beautiful gifts, the most popular stone choice is diamond. The purity and strength of the diamond only serve to further deepen the symbolic resonance of the eternity ring. To order the best eternity rings go through

Unlike many other rings, diamond eternity rings must be handmade to order and therefore take 2-4 weeks to manufacture. This is because each one depends on the size of the individual ring finger. The stones are then placed in place to match exactly. Once made, they cannot be changed (unless there is a defect), so it is important to get it right before ordering. To find out exactly what it is, take a trip to your local jewelers or sign up to have a free ring sizer delivered to your home.

The most commonly used settings for eternity rings are bead, flush, or paved because they embed the stones within the metal of the band. While claw settings generally give diamonds the best effect, they can often be uncomfortable for the wearer in a ring where the stones are spinning all over the place.

However, the most modern techniques are making this more and more possible in eternity rings. Whether a couple has been together their entire lives or is just beginning their journey together, an eternity ring encapsulates that feeling of looking into each other's eyes and knowing. forever.