Hosted PBX – Choosing Your Handsets

A hosted PBX is compatible with virtually any IP phone that is available on the market. However, there are some considerations to make before purchasing any device, particularly in the event that you purchase it as an individual and not from the service you use.

Remember that your hosted best PBX provider might or may not charge you for configuration, which means IP phones can be compatible in conjunction with the system. It is also recommended to ask for a variety of models they would recommend, as likely are those which have been through their research and testing phase and have been proven to work efficiently in conjunction with the hosted PBX system and all features.

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Picking the right Handset

When you are considering purchasing a phone, it is suggested that you make a list that will let you evaluate brands and models easily. The checklist should be based on the cost, the dimensions of the LCD display, the number of programmed buttons, audio codecs as well as the quantity of Ethernet ports and other accessories.

Also, you should be aware of the specific needs of each handset, for instance, do your staff require a reception desk phone, or perhaps an ordinary desk phone to make calls such as a wireless DECT or the list goes on. Selecting the best handset to perform a specific task is essential as it improves effectiveness and efficiency.