How To Implement Termite Pest Control In Your Building

Not only is termite control necessary in old buildings, but these pests can also infect new buildings that were not constructed properly. Here are some steps you can take to control the number of these pests.

Before constructing a building in the forest, remove and burn all stumps and logs that show signs of rot in the area. In this case, subterranean termites can be many. You may need to plow or destroy the soil yourself and inject it with a termiticide. You can discover more information about exterminator in San Francisco through

How To Implement Termite Pest Control In Your Building

If there is a rotting post, fence, or sidewalk nearby, replace it or destroy it if possible. Any decomposition material facilitates the growth and reproduction of termite colonies.

Termite control can also be carried out during actual construction. The base material must be brick, stone, steel, or concrete, including the support posts in the basement.

This will prevent termites from burying themselves in the soil. If the use of wood cannot be completely prevented, it must be treated before coming into contact with contaminated soil.

Do not place stair support foundations and verandas directly on contaminated soil. It must stand on a rock or concrete base. The same goes for the windows and glass in the basement. Make sure there are no windows that directly touch the floor. Instead, let it rest on the concrete.

Implementing these pest control measures during the construction process will minimize the occurrence of major contamination problems in the future.