Know About The Types Of Wood Front Doors in Kitchener

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right front door for your home in Kitchener. It is important to pick a front door that will be welcoming to visitors and deterrent to burglars. You should choose one that matches the architectural style of the home. Front doors must also be strong enough to withstand extreme heat, cold winds, strong winds, or, if you live near the ocean, harmful ocean salt.

In the past, homeowners had to choose between wood or steel front doors. People can choose from traditional wood front doors or fiberglass doors. They also have the option of metal or steel doors. These doors are the most popular and have a range of durability and lifespans. If you want to get a new front door in Kitchener, then you can contact Windtek Windows and Doors Ltd..


Wood doors were preferred by most homeowners for decades over the other types. Wood doors are still preferred by some people, despite the fact that they provide great insulation.

Wooden doors, however, are more susceptible to being damaged by harsh outdoor elements like changing weather conditions. Wooden doors can also develop cracks and splits over time, accumulate rust, and eventually corrode or rot. As better alternatives, more robust, solid-wood front doors have been developed over the years.

Although metal front doors are less susceptible to damage than wood ones, they won't last forever. Even worse, they can become unattractive when the paint begins to peel after long exposure to extreme weather conditions.