Sugaring: Everything You Need To Know

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal treatment with roots in the Middle East, where most of the body hair is removed for hygiene and beauty reasons. Going back to ancient Egypt, we can count Cleopatra's mixture of honey, lemon, and sugar as the first sugar remedy.

What's so great about sugar?

Unlike regular wax, sugar only sticks to the hair and doesn't stick to the skin. That's why it literally removes hair from the roots. Who isn't grateful for fewer aches and pains? That's what you get with sugar. You can also check this out to get body sugaring service.

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It also acts as a gentle but effective exfoliant. The beautician can go through the same area multiple times without risking the skin becoming too rough, as is the case with wax.

In short – excellent! Once you try it, you can really taste and see the difference. The risk of side effects from sugar is very low. Small bumps can be a normal histamine response to hair pulling (histamine is a chemical designed to protect you from allergens or aggressors external to your immune system). 

These reactions go away without irritation, allergy, or inflammation if all measures are taken with care. We can't stress it enough: your skin will be soft and smooth like a baby's underwear.

If this is your first sugar session, remember that growth will likely return more quickly; it's always the first time. All subsequent treatments balance your hair growth cycle and weaken the follicles, which means uneven hair growth and thinner hair all the time.