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Professional Teeth Whitening Options From Your Dentist in Bankstown

Today, more than ever, everyone wants a nice bright smile. There is something special about having a bright smile and people comment on such white smiles.

Watching movie stars in films and favorite musical talents and you instantly notice they have very white smiles. Chances are they have had them professionally whitened by their dentists.

There are various dentists that provide treatment of teeth bleaching in Bankstown.

Laser Whitening

In-office teeth whitening systems today consist of an hour-long laser treatment that can brighten a smile and remove stains such as coffee, tobacco, and wine from teeth instantly.

The laser treatment is quite amazing and once was only available to the very rich, but the prices are becoming more affordable so that the public can also enjoy a white smile.

One of the many benefits of the laser teeth whitening system is there is no pain. Since many people associate pain with the dentist, this treatment does not cause pain and is a quick procedure. A very nice benefit of laser whitening is it is normally a one-time treatment.

Before you undergo laser teeth whitening, you will have regular cleaning to make sure your teeth are primed well for the procedure and to remove any plaque. Most of the time, unless you are having a deep cleaning, the whitening can be performed directly after your regular cleaning. If you have sensitive teeth, the laser whitening system is a plus since it is very gentle on teeth and will not cause any sensitivities.

Bleach Whitening

Many dentists use the bleach whitening system. First, the patient's teeth undergo a thorough cleaning as normal and then polished, and then each tooth is coated with a whitening solution.

The only area of the teeth this is applied to is the front portion of the teeth which normally consists of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Depending on the bleaching agent used, it may require a specific light, which is the curing light and remains on the teeth for about one hour. When the correct shade of white is achieved, the teeth are rinsed and normally a fluoride treatment is then applied.