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Various Types of Palm Tree

The following is information about various types of palm trees.

Bismarck Palm.

This beautiful palm comes from Madagascar Island. It can reach a maximum height of 50 to 60 feet and can have a deployment of more than 20 feet. Bismarckia nobilis silver plants grew up for a big gray trembling, but was not recommended for smaller meters because of its size. They tolerate drought and prefer full sunlight.

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Palm triangle.

Endemic to Madagascar, the palm triangle is a beautiful and loving plant. Seeds and several other parts of this plant are toxic and can cause problems with consumption. The new triangle palms can start from seeds or divisions; seeds only take one to two months to germinate. They can reach a maximum height of about 20 feet and this plant is not too good to tolerate cold. 

Queen Palm.

Best planted in a sunny location, The Queen Palm is a tall tree that can get as high as 50 feet. They can tolerate the cold and the USDA violence zone for Queen Palms is 9B to 11. It can have a maximum deployment of 25 feet so that plants are not too suitable for smaller grass or gardens.

Needle Palm.

Needle palms are cold hardy plants that can bear cold up to -10 degrees. The USDA zone is recommended for this plant 5 to 10. They are considered the coldest palm tree species. They come from the original United States. This is a high palm tree low and can grow up to a height of only ten feet. It has a needle on the stem and thus the needle name of the palm.