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Visa Options For Migrating To Australia

A skilled independent visa is one of the most prominent types of visa to Australia. Migrating to Australia by the means of a Skilled Independent visa not only gives the applicant work rights but also lets him become a permanent resident of Australia. The criteria associated with obtaining this business migration scheme visa is that the applicant must provide relevant and evident skills and qualifications for any of the occupation which is a part of the Skilled Occupation List.

A skilled nominated visa is a permanent type of work visa, where qualified individuals are nominated either by a State authority or territory, to invite them to Australia and fill in the requirement of a specific vacancy. The basic criteria to obtain this visa is the applicant must be sponsored by the state/territory government.

A temporary business visa also falls into the category of a sponsorship visa. An eligible foreign worker is sponsored by the Australian employer temporarily (after having met specific nomination and sponsorship requirements). However, the visas can be issued for a period of up to four years also.

An employer nomination scheme is a permanent work visa issued to foreign workers who are sponsored by their employers. Generally, this visa aims to invite eligible candidates to fill up market requirements and also boost Australia's economy at a global level.

 A working holiday visa allows a foreign worker (between the age group of 18 to 30) to take up short-term employment during a vacation in Australia. This visa is valid only up to 12 months and is not for citizens of all countries; permits citizens of specific countries only.