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Essential Tips for Every Drone Pilot

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It’s always an awesome feeling whether you fly your drone for recreational or serious work. The popularity of drones has given the drone industry serious thought as many flying enthusiasts are attracted to drones. Having a drone is always a great feeling but it is also important to stay alert. Here are a few essential tips if you are a drone pilot.

  1. Do not get Distracted – At the time of flying your drone, it is important to stay alert at all times. Avoid flying your drones in crowded places to avoid accidents or crashes. Therefore, make sure you stay alert while flying your drone.
  2. Carry Additional Batteries – If you are aiming to capture long-duration shots, then you need to have more than a single battery. A single battery will only last for a max period of 30 minutes which isn’t enough. Therefore, ensure you carry at least a minimum of 3 or 4 batteries.
  3. Consider the right FPS – For an ideal cinematic shot, consider 24fps which is considered ideal. 30fps is also another option however, this is mostly used to shoot TV shows. Therefore, try to stick with 24fps.
  4. Look for Electromagnetic Interference – If you are at a location comprising electromagnetic interference, then consider moving elsewhere. Electromagnetic presence is the reason that causes radio interference signal for the drone. You can measure electromagnetic interference with the help of a K-index before you start flying your drone.

These are the essential tips for not just professional but also recreational drone pilots. Make sure you do drone inspections in Perth before flying.