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How to Teach Kids About Morals

Knowing how to teach children morality and getting the results you want starts with you. Do you adhere to a set of moral values? How consistently do you act in accordance with these moral values? You will never succeed in teaching morals to children if your personal behavior does not match your teachings.

Then first sit in front of a mirror and evaluate your own behavior objectively. If you want to teach your child honesty, find out how honest you are. If you want to teach children morals like respect and integrity, test your own level of quality. Be cruel.

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Knowing how to teach morality to children and getting the results you want requires a family process. We can summarize this family with this quote: "Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, making it the architect of performance." 

Think of "repeat" as a surname and the next three as first names.

Repetition, the mother of learning

Repetition, father of action

Repetition, the architect of achievement

Three repetitions help those who want to learn to teach children morals.

The Mother of Learning

Let me introduce you to Repetition, the mother of learning. He is a kind and wise being. He knew that a child could only learn by listening to lessons over and over again. He knew that a 4-year-old who wanted to learn about baseball needed to know about the game. So he reads this kid line by line how to throw a ball, catch a ball, hit a ball, and so on. Soon the child knew everything so well that he could repeat it word for word.