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Customized and Printed Uniforms for Healthcare Workers

Your staff will be impressed by the professional appearance of each item, which is made using your chosen colors. Healthcare clothing is perfect for staff in hospitals, nursing homes, and day facilities.

Nursing uniforms are made with comfort in mind. A variety of styles can be achieved using quality fabrics made from polyester/cotton or wool/acrylic blended. You can get more details about trending designs of printed uniforms at

You can create your own look by choosing from hundreds of different body and trim colors. For more customization, solid colors and prints are also available. You can have your company name or logo custom embossed on your uniforms. 

Clients can recognize your employees easily and address them by name with custom lettering. There are many styles to choose from, for both men and women. 

Men's healthcare tunics have a zipper or concealed stud fastening at the front, and an adjustable collar. The breast and hip pockets provide ample space for healthcare supplies.

You can choose from a variety of styles and collars, including one with a zippered back. The tunics have a pleated back that allows for easy movement during your healthcare duties. Online color swatches are available to help you choose the right combination of colors for your company.