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Whisky Casks For Sale – A Little Background As To Why Use Them

Whisky casks are a long-standing tradition for the preservation of whisky. The whisky is fermented and then placed in oak casks to allow the aging process. These casks are made from oak, which allows the whisky to acquire characteristics similar to the timber.

The whisky is fermented in stainless-steel tanks before being placed into oak casks to age. Some varieties may be aged in one oak cask. You can also get more information about whisky casks for sale via

Whisky Casks

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It was not easy to choose the right wood for whisky casks. The whisky casks are assembled by placing them over a small wood fire. This is known as 'charring' or 'toasting'. It all depends on how deep the barrel is charred. 

This will affect the whisky that has been aged in it. Whisky makers can choose to have a whisky cask made in light, medium, or heavy toast. This will depend on the grape type and the whisky style that is being produced in the cask.

There are some things that shouldn't be tampered with and the traditional aging of whisky in oak whisky casks is one of them. There have been many uses for the whisky cask that are past their 'use by date' for aging whisky, just start looking for them in decorating and gardening.