The Benefits Of Motorized Retractable Awnings

Awnings are the perfect solution to make your porch or deck more comfortable and extend your outdoor living space. To get the most out of your awnings, choose the convenience of programmable, motorized retractable awnings. 

A powered retractable awning from is easy to use and can make your home look great and feel more comfortable.

How Do Motorized Awnings Work?

A motorized retractable patio awning rolls out from a tube, usually mounted against your home. For motorized products, a 120V electric motor inside the tube controls the position of the awning with a wall switch or remote control. Sensors mounted nearby can be programmed to detect excessive sun or wind to automatically open or retract the awning.

The Benefits Of Motorized Awnings

Comfort is the main advantage of retractable awnings. They make it possible to sit outside without being directly exposed to the hot sun. But there are other advantages to having motorized awnings for decks and patios, as well.

  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and fade-resistant fabrics, a motorized patio awning:

  • Protects people and pets from harmful UV rays,

  • Extends your outdoor living space,

  • Helps control the climate within your home, and

  • Prevents your furniture and window coverings from fading.

The ease of operation with the awning's motorized controls gives you the ultimate convenience. If a hazy day turns sunny or a sunny day suddenly becomes cloudy, you can compensate for changing temperatures by simply pressing a button. If you are outside, you can bask in the sun for a bit with the awning open and quickly close it to prevent getting too much sun.