The Making Of Custom Lapel Pins

A custom collar is a subtle decoration you usually see on a jacket or coat collar. They can only be seen as decorative jewellery, but often represent a consumer statement. Personalized lapel pins can show the social, political or religious views of the user. In simpler terms, they can also mean a special achievement or even become one of the many pens in a large, similar group.  

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Many consumers, and even collectors, are not interested in the work of making custom pens, but it's actually quite an interesting process. In fact, there are different processes involved in the manufacture of collars. Unsurprisingly, the first step was to design a pen. 

Before you can get any closer to making pens, you need to come up with a draft. This is done by hand or with the help of a computer program and is the basic plan for your pins throughout the process.

There are many types of speciality pens, but they all start with the design process. The next steps are very different for each pin depending on the style you choose. For the sake of simplicity, let's talk about one of the most common types of collars. 

A grid is made on a bronze or brass plate. A grid is basically a colourless pencil with your design. Fill the separate sections of the grid with coloured glass, then bake in the oven. Think of a colourless pencil like a page in a colouring book.

Fill the rows with coloured glass as you would with pastels. After baking, the pen is ready to be polished and finally used by you!

A custom collar makes for a sleek yet sleek look, but it's surprising how much work it takes to get there.