Things To Consider Before Hiring a Credentialing Verification Services

Here we discuss in detail about how to hire credentialing verification services:

Experience – Are they able to credential different types of healthcare professionals in a variety of delivery settings? Insufficient or improper credentialing can lead to an organization losing its medicare participation and possibly being sued. For the assurance of competent, safe clinical providers, high-quality patient care, and risk mitigation, it is essential to hire professional credentialing verification team.

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Not all CVOs are the same – Each healthcare organization is unique and has different needs. Interview a CVO to ensure they create a customized credentialing program that meets your requirements.

For both small and large providers, medical credentialing can be very time-consuming and costly. MedAdvantage, Advantum health's subsidiary for medical credentialing, has been managing the credentialing of hundreds of organizations and thousands of providers for over 25 years.

Accreditation – CVO that has received accreditation from NCQA guarantees reliability and authenticity. Thus, the results are also accurate and authentic.

Saying all, remember that the decision to use credential verification services must be well thought out as every organization has different priorities. If you choose to employ the services of a CVO, then consider its access and maintenance of data, compliance with the accreditation standards.