Truck and Trailer Repair In Calgary

Drivers don't want to have to deal with a semi-truck brake problem. This problem is often avoidable. There are situations when the brakes can overheat and catch fire before the problem is diagnosed.

Regular checkups are important to make sure your brakes work properly. You will be less likely to have your brakes overheat while driving. This can lead to dangerous situations for both you and other drivers. You can also search online for the best Truck and trailer repair in Calgary.

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Most Common Reasons For Brake Fires

There are many reasons why semi-truck brakes could catch fire or overheat. Some of these reasons are:

Poor Braking Method

Every driver does not use the correct braking technique. vDo you find yourself guilty of this? If so, it is time to change your braking habits! You should pull over immediately if you smell or see smoke from your brakes. Stop if you are on a steep downhill slope.

Dragging Brakes

Overheated brakes can be caused by dragging brakes as you drive. Wheel bearing failure, wheel grease fires, and wheel bearing failure can all lead to problems. These could even cause damage to the truck's tires. This problem is most prevalent on the semi-truck's rear trailer.

Poorly balanced brakes

Disk brakes can overheat if there is a brake imbalance. This could lead to bearing grease burning. In multi-trailer semis, poorly balanced brakes can be more common when not all trailers are properly braking.