Victoria’s Little Secret – Wilsons Prom Plan Your Trip

Wilson's Prom is a secretive place for Melbournians. Locals refer to Wilsons Promontory National Park as "The Prom". This National Park, located three hours east of Melbourne, is the most southern point on mainland Australia. You can search to book Wilsons Prom day tour online via Hike & Seek.

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It offers beautiful wilderness and stunning scenery. With its safe swimming tidal stream, family-friendly hikes, stunning beaches, and Australian wildlife, it offers so many benefits for families. Let us help you plan your trip to Wilsons Prom.

Wilsons Prom Highlights

A Beach that Squeaks

The famous quartz white sand beach squeaks when you run, jump or walk on it. Children and adults will both have fun making music while they dance on the sand. Squeaky Beach should be included on everyone's Wilsons Prom list.

Squeaky Beach is accessible from a parking lot on the main park road. You can also hike the 5 km return from the Tidal river Campground to reach the Beach. The stunning views of Squeaky Beach can be seen as you cross the tidal stream and climb through the brush. 

Explore and climb through the many nooks and crevices as you descend through the boulders. You can stomp, jump and stomp your way to the Beach when you finally reach it.

You can also make snow angels out of the pure white sand, like our children. This walk is suitable for everyone, even strollers. It is also one of the most beautiful Wilson Promontory walks.