Visit Kid’s Dentist in Kapolei

A very common dental issue encountered in infants is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, which results in the rapid decay of baby teeth of an infant. It mostly affects the upper front teeth and they tend to erupt at first. It is generally caused by regular exposure of teeth to sugar-containing liquids.

Brown spots along the gums are the initial symptom of tooth decay. Parents must visit pediatric dentists for treatment on early detection of the problem to avoid serious damage. That time when tooth decay is visible it is too late, pulp therapy, crowning, or even tooth extraction could be performed on the tooth when required.

To prevent your child and his oral health from any severe damage it is important to practice disciplined oral hygiene habit. You can also contact Oahu’s Most Referred Pediatric Dentists at KidShine Hawaii.

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  • Brush your kid's teeth twice daily
  • Never let your child sleep with a bottle filled with any liquid substance
  • Start bottle weaning as soon as possible
  • Try to give water to a child when thirsty
  • Make sure your child gets fluoride to avoid decay
  • Arrange a regular dental visit from the time the first tooth erupts

Kid dentists strive to protect and preserve the bright smile of your kids. It is believed, when kids have positive dental visit experience, they tend to make the visit happily. It is recommended to give regular dental check-ups to the children on every six months.

The basic pediatric dental routine includes some specialized practices like:

  • Dental health examination of the infants
  • Providing medication for instant relief
  • Giving counseling on nutrition
  • 24×7 emergency dental service
  • Effective space management following the loss of premature primary tooth