What Is A Hosted Voice Service?

The hosted IP Telephony is a network-based service, specifically designed for growing and active business companies. The service can be adjusted to perfectly suit the company requirements and it can offer benefits to staff from both the office and from remote locations.

The concept of hosted voice offers hosted PBX and hosted telephone systems, among its many other utilities in the business environment. You can get more information about voice services via https://celito.net/.

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The ideal environment for a hosted voice service is a large organization with multiple subsidiaries. For these organizations, the hosted business VoIP offers significant savings in costs, increased working efficiency, resilience and ensures business continuity. 

The PBX is the Private Branch Exchange which enables the connection between all office telephones, with telephones from the company's headquarters. This device also provides features like call hold, transfer, voicemail, audio conferencing, and music on hold. 

The competition in the telephony market challenged the development of other services such as the hosted PBX and the hosted VoIP. The hosted PBX service displays a single number as available for the entire business organization, even if the organization is multi-sited. 

A hosted voice provides extensive phone services in simple, traditional, and profitable manners through both regular and advanced phone devices, landlines, handsets, all of which used individually could add to the business accounts.

The hosted nature of the service allows individuals to access voicemail and receive instant responses through softphones or handsets connected to the office network.