Why is Peer to Peer Lending helpful

Peer to Peer lending platforms acts as a bridge between people who have very similar financial needs. The context may be different but the fundamental fact is the same.

Peer-to-peer lending was created in a time of financial difficulties. The best peer-to-peer lending platforms offer stable returns and almost no volatility. A peer-to-peer lending platform can help you earn up to 35% if you look at the current interest rates.

Fixed deposit accounts were a popular asset class during that time, which was because inflation wasn't so high back then. These accounts average a return of 7 to 8% per year, which may not be as high as the current inflation rate. Fixed deposit accounts offer negative returns year after year.

Stock market investments, or equities, can increase in value over the long term. Research shows that equities have a higher return than other investments over time. The stock market's average annual return is approximately 16 percent. 

This asset is not only for the investor. In P2P lending terminology, loan seekers are also called borrowers. They have superfast access to capital. P2P lending platforms are extremely quick in disbursing capital. These loans can be used for a variety of reasons, including financing weddings or planning vacations.