A Guide To Property And Casualty Insurance

General casualty insurance is a broad term given to a certain category of insurance. There is no type of casualty insurance that can be contracted on its own. This type refers more to a type of liability and the types that cover liability and negligence.

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Being the umbrella term, it is often used to describe a type of liability insurance. Liability is defined as a type of negligence committed by a person or an organization. The fortuitous event in this sense does not refer only to death but to any type of loss.

The general insurance category applies to areas such as aviation, workers' compensation, theft and credit. These categories are the most common when an act of negligence is likely to occur.

Many businesses and companies will often choose to insure their properties with what is called a BOP or business owner insurance policy. Property and casualty insurance, and liability insurance get combined into a single policy, to create these business owner policies. 

Some of the BOPs offer added expense interruption insurance. There is an option for "added expense insurance," this giving you money that covers short term moves after incidences covered by the policy. 

This type of insurance will cover moving costs due to something like a flood. Interruption insurance covers losses of profits in case of interruptions, like requirements to retrofit.

BOPs typically provide less coverage compared with traditional property and casualty insurance, albeit convenient. So this is why many businesses and homeowners decide to opt for additional coverage, as every location and situation may require a different level of care and caution.