Fix Hammertoe With Best Treatment in Baltimore

Hammertoe is a foot deformity that generally impacts third, second, or fourth feet. The affliction is known as hammertoe due to the unnatural position of your feet 'shape. Hammertoe induces your toe to bend upward at the middle joint in a way that looks similar to the hammer.

Poorly fitting shoes and the muscular imbalance would be the most frequent causes of hammertoe. When shoes are too narrow or do not adapt to the shape and size of one's feet, they often contort the place of one's toes. You can fix hammertoe treatment in Baltimore via according to the condition. 


Having your feet bent for an extended time period at a shoe that is too narrow or small forces your toes to accommodate the cramped space. With time, the muscles on the feet eventually become accustomed to holding the flexed posture of your feet, making it harder, or even impossible to sew them.

Symptoms are usually mild in the beginning but worsen with time after left untreated. A few of the most frequent symptoms include:

  • Toe pain if sporting closed-toe shoes

  • Infection

  • Corns and/or calluses

  • Bending of this second, fourth or third feet

  • Stiffness

Our foot and ankle specialists first explore nonsurgical treatment methods for conditions like hammertoe. Based on the intensity of the situation, surgery may be suggested.