How Can Poor People Be Helped ?

There are no food shortages. There's plenty of food for all. However, the issue is that people who are hungry and poor, do not make enough to purchase food items.

Everything is connected to Humanity. If you look at a poor person, do you feel compassion for them? If you do, then you're a member of humanity. We're trying to motivate you and show you the most original pictures of our amazing world.

The question is how do we help to the needy people and the poor in our society and bring them joy in their lives. Take a look and see if you can do it on the ground. Your single effort could save the life of a person.

Social Impact in India: Explore India: while helping the most poor...

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1. Religion is not a factor in poverty: To help a person in need, you must have a broad range of thought. In the first place, you must be aware that poverty is not a religion.

Religion can teach you to show compassion for those who are around you. The different religions are all identical and God is one of them.

2. Find your old clothes and donate them: if you are bored of your clothes and would like to throw them away. Don't dispose of them. Collect them and donate them to someone who might need them.

Also, do your best to convince your colleagues and friends to join in and participate in charitable work.

3. Make a plan to provide food every week: First, do not waste food at all costs. You're not aware of how many people suffer in slumber, and they consume food.

4. Offer free tuition to the most disadvantaged children: There is no better way to help than to help educate a child. Education is the light of life. If you notice the child in need of help in education but cannot pay for it. Help the child and offer them tuition at no cost.