How to Choose The Best Dash Cam?

Drivers are required to install surveillance cameras. To have a happy life during the Spring Festival, the rearview camera can give clues about the accident.

How to choose a DVR?

In most cases, the video provided by surveillance cameras is self-explanatory and can be used as evidence. 

The installation is important because accidents often occur at night. That's why it's so important to have a night vision surveillance camera. You can get the surveillance camera installed via

Although many night vision cameras are sold, the quality is so poor, mosaic and noise that they cannot identify the license plate clearly. You can compare pictures taken by different surveillance cameras in bright and dim light.

The main function of high-end surveillance cameras is mobile collision recognition and detection. Cellular Detection can record and record video automatically while you are driving. Then collision

Sensing locks 20 seconds of video of the incident and will not be released or accidentally deleted.

Have you ever experienced car scratches, broken glass, and valuables being stolen?

Also, you can't call the police because you have evidence. To shoot a thief who steals or breaks a window, some cameras can support dual lenses. 

One of them is made upright on-site as a reservation for flight and powered by mobile (10,000mah recommended, can ensure at least data recorder vehicle power supply for uninterrupted power supply).

There are two ways to turn on the surveillance camera. One uses a special interface to power the lights, the other is a Micro USB power adapter, like a USB port. mobile power supply.