Reasons Why Professionals Pick Glossy Photo Paper

Individual preferences vary from person to person when it comes to printing photos. While some people like the incredible detail and realistic images in matte black on matte paper, the glossy finish is preferred by those who like the richness and vibrancy that brings photos to life. If your photos are colorful and you want to keep them shining, glossy photo paper can be an excellent choice.

Professional quality printing is one of the reasons glossy paper is preferred when printing photos. In fact, you can print lab-quality prints right away at home or in the office, without having to wait long for the photo to dry and take on its rich characteristics.

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Realistic skin tones are achieved with glossy photo paper. This is one reason why portraits, family photos, and photos from parties, celebrations, gatherings, and events are almost always printed on glossy paper unless you want to put something in a frame. Gloss also makes photos attractive, so presentations, brochures, and important business documents can also be printed on glossy paper.

If you want a bright, white, or very smooth finish, glossy paper is a great choice. Another important advantage of glossy paper is color representation. Professionals often choose this option when they want to accurately reproduce the richness of color in prints. When printing color celebration photos, you want them to look better than the actual colors, which can be achieved with glossy prints.

Glossy photo paper also offers professionals a bit of breathing room. In other words, you can choose between a soft silk gloss and a high gloss, depending on the gloss you want on the print.