Salon Marketing For Beginners – Basic Phases

Marketing a beauty salon is not an easy task. As with everything in your business, your advertising plan needs to be well thought out and, of course, executed properly. There must be at least four-wave execution phases after each period. If you are unfamiliar with these stages here, these are:

The Planning Phase:

As the saying goes, before you go to war, you must have at least one game plan you can work on. At this point, you may want to compare with other salons to see which programs are working and which are not. At the end of your studies, indicate that you are going to create a time-bound plan for marketing your beauty salon via detailing what you will need to accomplish over a period of time.

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At this point, you have the opportunity to put your plan into action. You can start by putting up posters and placing some of your employees out to distribute flyers in a well-populated area. When you carry out your advertising plan, make sure you record your data so that you can come back to something once you start evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising scheme.


It's time to sit back, analyze your data, and see if your ad schema is working or not. In your salon shop, you can verify this by possibly comparing the number of customers you received before and after you run your ad. Once you have identified it, you can change your marketing strategy if necessary.

Maintain Your Marketing Strategy:

Now know that you have to promote your salon all the time. You don't just start and end entire campaigns. You need to grind from time to time to remind your customers that you are still open for business and that you are still ready to serve them.