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Auto Detailing – What Does It Involve?

Auto detailing is not the same as washing your car. When you have detailed information about your car, your car will be cleaned inside and out. When finished, your car will look brand new. Some of the tasks involved in auto parts include polishing, waxing, and cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles, as well as removing dirt and stains.

In order to be automatic breakdown, you have to pay attention to the smallest details. You can visit if you are looking for car detailing services in Long Island.

External auto spare parts

When describing the exterior of your car in detail, the first thing to do is to clean the rims and wheels of dirt and dust. When finished, the sections work the sidewall of the tire and polish the rims. If any wax remains around the chrome plates or car stickers, clean it with care.

Interior details

When detailing the interior of your car, thoroughly clean your car, including the seats and floor mats. This part of the job may involve using a variety of products. You can use carpet shampoo, stain remover, and upholstery cleaner. If your car has upholstered seats, they can remove most of the stain with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Automatic breakdown fee

Auto details can range from $ 100 to $ 275. This depends on the size of the vehicle, the package you choose, and whether you want to add extras like a special conditioner. Some stores may charge you based on how dirty your car is.