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Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eye makeup is a central part of the rest of the makeup. If done right, eye makeup can attract and captivate the people who see you. There are many eye makeup tips online that can help you with this, but for makeup beginners, our easy-to-follow eye makeup tips can put you on the right track to doing your best. You can also find the right eyeshadow for you from

Apply light to medium eyeshadow around the eyelid area. Be very gentle when applying to your eyes as the skin around them is the most delicate and prone to wrinkles. Then, using a darker complementary color, apply this to the outer third of the eyelid, extending slightly above the outer corner of the eye.

Don't be afraid to use your fingertips to blend the darker colors to soften the sharp lines. Make sure your fingers are oil-free. Traces of oil can ruin makeup. If you have sweaty fingers, it is best to use a brush to blend the eyeshadow.

Use a pencil to outline the top lashes to create the effect of wider eyes. You can sharpen the pencil block before applying it to achieve a certain line. For softer lines, you can use a brush or fingertip to blur the lines after application. Another alternative to pencil is liquid lines.

To keep your eyeliner looking good, make sure to have an elbow rest when drawing the line. Start drawing a line from the center of the lash line to the outer edge and slowly extend the line to the inside of the eye. To give it more definition, you can apply a line of eyeshadow of the same color along the line you just drew.