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Benefits Of A Vehicle Service Plan

If you have an auto-warranty that has expired you will likely receive a mass phone call or email reminding you that if your car breaks down, you are at risk of paying high repair costs. While this is true, it doesn't tell you the full story.

When you invest in a vehicle service package from a reputable company such as, you get much more than just parts and labor guarantees. While not all rules offer the same coverage, make sure the auto service package you're interested in includes the following benefits:

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ASE Certified Mechanic Coating:

The manufacturer's warranty is limited to where you can pick up the car in the event of a breakdown, but it covers at least certain costs. No guarantees mean you can take your car anywhere but pay 100 percent of your pocket. With a rated vehicle maintenance plan, you can take your car to an ASE certified mechanic and cover all costs listed on your policy.

Round-The-Clock Roadside Assistance For Towing:

Failures do not usually occur in the most convenient locations and can occur at any time. Whether you are 10 miles from homework on the highway, outside of town, or on shallow roads, if your car, truck, or SUV breaks down, you need someone who can take your vehicle to the gas station of your choice. Pay attention to the price when you have to pay cash in your pocket.