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How To Manage Staff Holidays At Peak Periods

Many businesses have decreased turnover during the peak holiday period because most of their customers are on vacation. In such cases, it might make common sense to run a business using only essential core staff or even close completely for one or two weeks. However, not every business owner can provide luxury to be able to close completely for vacation. Indeed, several sectors, especially travel, recreation, and hospitality, experience greater demand for their services during the holiday season.

Using employee holiday management software will make it easier for you to handle holiday protection. It also avoids the risk of leaving your business shortage of staff or employees feel demoralized if they cannot get leave.

7 Ways To Manage Employee Holiday Time Off - Glassdoor for Employers

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Factors that need to be considered:

When compiling your vacation coverage schedule, there are many things to remember:

Determine staffing requirements:

Use employee scheduling software to analyze previous records to predict how much staff coverage you might need during the peak holiday period. 

Clearly communicate:

Let the staff know beforehand what is needed to keep the business running during the holiday period. Make sure they know the company's vacation policy, which day (if any) business will be closed for holidays and very busy periods when they don't need to take leave.


Do all people have to be physically present at work? If working remotely is a decent choice, some employees can spend more time with their families during the holidays and still complete their work.

Be Fair:

Most employees will want the same days, but you must realize that some may need more time because they have to travel far to spend a vacation with their families. Using the software system that combines employee records will make managers aware of these special requirements.