Type of Roller Skates for Kids

While skating you can shred up to 500 calories in just 8-9 miles. Skating is a fun activity and at the same time an effective way to participate in fitness activities. You can easily buy roller skates for kids, children, adults, boys & girls

Skate has been involved in many sports, like: 

Artistic Roller Skating

It includes several things and is usually done on quad pads. Artistic rolling skating includes activities such as dance, and freestyle.

* In this, skaters form a series of circles or oval shapes to show accuracy, control, and balance. 

* While doing skating in dance, participants are judged on their choreography, choice of music, step precision, skills, and style. 


* Skaters must pay attention to the rhythm and synchronization of music to make some good moves.

* Freestyle skating is done by a combination of steps.

* You just need to play music, and do choreographed movements, and jumps. 

Hockey Roller

It can be played using Quader skates or inline skates. It's a very fast game. To make the ball more visible, the rinks are built with blue or white pavements.

Roller Derby

It is a fast-growing sport that has existed for years. It is growing more and more in a high-level as a ladies' sport; considered to be fast and very competitive.