Ultimate Audiophile: ULTIMA Amplifier

As the world of hi-fi gear continues to evolve, so does technology. Over the past few decades, much of our audio gear has been replaced by technology that is more convenient and less expensive than traditional setups. But what if you could have it all? This article will introduce you to a new type of amp called ULTIMA, which combines old-school design with modern technology to create something amazing!

At its core, ULTIMA is an old-school design. It uses two separate power supplies: one for the high-voltage tube circuitry and one for the solid-state circuitry. However, for more information you can click over here.

While this configuration is somewhat familiar, ULTIMA employs a unique design that allows it to produce some very unique and impressive audio results. While most solid-state amplifiers have limitations in their low-frequency response and distortion levels, ULTIMA has enough headroom to drive large speaker systems without any issues!

This means that you can use it effectively with any kind of speaker system without worrying about what kind of speakers you’re using or how loud your audio system is playing back!

Of course, this isn't the only unique feature of ULTIMA; it is also one of the most affordable power amplifiers available in its class. It features a solid-state, dual high-voltage (270V) output stage, which allows it to reproduce very high voltage signals at low distortion levels. This high voltage signal is then fed into a hybrid tube/solid-state circuit section for added warmth and tonal variation.

And then, all this powerful audio goodness is sent out through two custom designed 4” speaker drivers! Overall, ULTIMA’s design and build quality are excellent and the unit offers an excellent combination of performance, sound quality, and value.