Uses For Hydraulic Presses

A hydraulic press forms an integral component of many production and manufacturing processes. From shaping and the creation of machine components to crushing and squeezing refuse and waste hydraulic presses form an integral component of modern industrial processes.

The usage of hydraulic presses can be attributed to the idea of compressive force generated by pistons which generate mechanical force by the application of pressure created by fluid that is incompressible. The force generated could range from a few tonnes for a hydraulic press operated by hand and up to thousands for motor-driven presses.


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Uses for Hydraulic Presses

Powder Compacting
A compacting press for powder makes different powdered substances into forms, designs, and densities by applying a precise amount of pressure to the substance put into the mold.

Any of the many hydraulic presses can be utilized for this process, starting from the two-column model to the four-column model.

To complete the compacting process, the powder mixture is loaded into a steel die where it is pressurized to the shape and form of the die.

Ceramics Production
The method of making and shaping ceramics employs the use of a kiln that is heated to temperatures of more than 1800 deg F. The method of heating is gradually being replaced with hydraulic presses operating at room temperature.

A standard hydraulic press for the military is used to load shells and other ammunition. Other applications are fuel cell compression and the production of tracks and tires.

Hydraulic presses used to manufacture military equipment meet the demand for consistent quality and performance.