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Most people have experienced dry eyes at least once. For some, it may be a chronic condition that can cause them significant inconveniences throughout their lives. Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that affects many Americans. It's more common with age. 

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the tear film's ability to evaporate tears is decreased or increased. Click the site to consult the best dry eye doctor and know more about its treatment in a better way. 


The abnormalities in the tear layers can then lead to an unstable tear film that eventually leads to dry eyes. This can occur in younger people as well, but it is more common in older adults. Dry eye syndrome affects the majority of women who are postmenopausal. 

A decrease in tear production can also be caused by medications like allergy medicine or birth control pills. Some cases are due to eye diseases, injuries, or deficiency of vitamin A. Living in dry, dusty, or windy environments may be at higher risk.

It is usually easy to identify the symptoms and does not require a doctor's evaluation. Patients often notice an increase in dryness in their eyes right away. Patients often feel the need to scratch their eyes as if they are suffering from severe allergies. 

Dry eye syndrome is similar in appearance to other eye diseases. It cannot be treated directly. The best way to treat dry eye syndrome is to manage the symptoms more effectively. To relieve the patients of that scratchy feeling, artificial tears or eye drops are often prescribed. 

Doctors recommend that contacts should not be used during treatment. Some doctors recommend that you use Lacrisert for more severe cases. This will be applied to the lower eyelid, and spreads lubrication to alleviate dryness.