What Is Product Configuration Software Used for?

First and foremost, 3D configurator and product visualization software is associated with the sales process. This makes sense, as it is the most visible example that we encounter and the one companies choose most for their business.

However, there are a few other uses that can help your company both with external and internal processes:

eCommerce product configuration

3D product configurators in eCommerce for the custom 3D product become part of the sales process and personalize the shopping experience for customers. It is usually integrated into the product page or a product category page, depending on whether it features one product or a whole catalog of items. After selecting their customization, users are normally afforded the option to place an order.

Product configuration for prototyping & development

One of the ways that companies engage customizers for internal purposes is as a development and prototyping tool. It can help them settle on a final design for a product and work out how it can function before building a full physical model. It may even be used as a digital twin to visualize performance indicators and test changes.

Product configurator for support

We focus a lot on the visual side of configurators, but shouldn’t forget that they are also a valuable source of information. Many are designed with helpful text descriptions for all customizations, and the overall information about this version of the product. 

Thus, many potential questions that come up during the shopping/order process can be addressed in the online 3D product configurator before they even come up.