What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy typically involves a dentist removing the soft and vulnerable tissues, a typical source of infection and pain, from the inside of the tooth. There are some clinics that provide root canal therapy in Brampton.

That usually will involve an X-Ray or scan of some form, followed up by a little drilling then extraction of the tissues concerned. The remaining cavity is filled with one of several potential materials depending upon which your dentist believes to be the most efficacious in a given situation.

The conclusion then may involve some cosmetic/aesthetic treatment to finish off. A cap or crown may be recommended for additional protection

In some cases, if there is evidence of infection and swelling arising from the original problem, your dentist may recommend two visits. The first would be for the initial canal work and packing with a temporary filler until such time as the swelling has subsided. The second visit would be to 'make permanent' the filler.

Very few people enjoy undergoing dental or any other form of medical procedure. So, some concern is entirely natural. Certain mythology arose in the past around this type of therapy. That usually involved saying that anesthesia was ineffective and it was a very painful procedure.

Whatever might have been the case in the past, modern dental anesthetics can usually ensure that procedures are painless or near-painless. A qualified dentist using the most modern techniques for pain prevention within root canal therapy should be able to prevent pain and discomfort before, during, and after the procedure is undertaken.