Guide Regarding Using Laminates On Table Tops

Laminated panels have various uses in the world of interior design. They come in a wide variety of designs and textures and can be used to recreate everything from walls to furniture.

One of the biggest advantages of laminated furniture panels especially woodmica laminates is that they are easy to install and instantly change the appearance of old or damaged parts. Laminates are also resistant to damage and easy to clean, protecting your furniture and making maintenance easier. 

laminate sheet for wood

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One of the furniture that can be easily restored with the help of laminate panels is a table. Here we'll walk you through the steps you need to take to apply laminate to the countertop.

Choose your design on a layered sheet

Laminated panels come in a variety of variations, including different thicknesses, patterns and finishes. Laminates consist of designer paper, craft paper, and layers covered with melamine. You can choose from a number of collections such as Woods, Abstract, Solid, Metals. You need to choose a laminate leaf design that matches your decorating style in patterns and colors.

Prepare the surface

Before installing the layered sheet, you need to prepare your table top to restore the surface. Make sure you have cleaned any wood particles that remain after sanding the surface.

Measure and cut

First measure the table top. You want to add an inch of width to the original dimensions so you can swing during installation. Then measure and cut the top of your laminate according to the dimensions of your table. For a professional look, it's important to make the cuts as accurate as possible.  Lastly, you can place the assembled laminate film on your countertop.