Types of Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy floor is a type of surface layer that will protect concrete floors from constant wear. Epoxy is made from a combination of liquid hardening chemicals and liquid polymer resins. You can also get the epoxy floor contractors via https://foxxindustries.net/epoxy-flooring/

After both are combined, they are poured on the upper floor or basic material to create a protective layer. Even though the epoxy floor is generally a concrete floor that can also be used on wood made of wood. You can even have floors that are fully made of epoxy.

This type of floor is very popular for industrial applications. The reason is that it creates a surface type that is resistant to the wear of industrial floors and many chemical spills.

Contractors for such types of floors can also mix color, sand, and other hard plastic with epoxy to provide traction to the floor. The most common type of sand is quartz sand.

Using this sand will help make the floor not nonslip for the industry in the food processing area. Many epoxy floors have anti-static properties used in electronic manufacturing or laboratories where electricity costs can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Many think that this type of floor is clear but many floors are actually opaque. Pigments can be mixed with epoxy to make dense opaque colors for home and industrial applications.

To make marble epoxy floors, manufacturers can mix in large particles or plastic chips in contrasting colors. Most of these colors are used in garages in private homes.

They can also be used to create logos on the floor in industrial applications. This type of epoxy floor is called terraces epoxy, epoxy mortar, or gravel epoxy.